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Who we are?

Junpin Metal Products Co., Ltd. originated from 2001, is a modern enterprise specialized in the R&D, production, and sales of high quality kitchenware products. Currently, our headquarter is situated on 28000 square meters of land in Foshan. We have established sales centers in Guangzhou, Foshan, and Hongkong to offer our clients efficient and sincere service across the world.

Our products feature high quality, great product design, and competitive price. The business scope of our company includes stainless steel pressure cooker, stainless steel stockpot, saucepot, teapot, coffeepot, creamer, sugar bowl.

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Products Available For You to Choose

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Pressure Cooker Series

Our pressure cookers are made of high quality stainless steel. They are able to reduce cooking time by 70 percent, contain six major advanced safety techniques, and can be used on all stove types including gas, ceramic, and induction.

stainless steel stockpot,saucepot,pot

Stockpot and Casserole Series

Our stockpot and Casserole series contains many different dimensions to fit your needs. They are all made of triple layer bottom which is suitable for all heat sources including induction cooker. Recommended product for hotel and restaurant uses.


Cafe Set Series

Our cafe set series contains various design of teapot, coffeepot, creamer, and sugarbowl. They are all made of high quality stainless steel (18/10 | SUS304). Best choice for high-end cafe and restaurants.

Junpin Metal Products Co., Ltd.

14 Years focus on stainless steel cookware, we produced and sold directly!

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Looking for high quality cookware? Finding a reliable supplier?

JUNPIN is here at your service! Our goal is to maximize our customers’ profits, strengthen our customers’ brand images, and to expand our customers’ market in global scale. Junpin provides high quality cookware, excellent support service, and leading production techniques. At JUNPIN, we help, we make, we service, and we do more…

Why choose us?

  • HIGH QUALITY product series: pressure cooker, stockpot, saucepot, teapot, coffeepot, creamer, sugarbowl etc.
  • FAST LEAD TIME: advance machinery and production lines
  • PROFESSIONAL sales team: provide excellent customer support
  • RIGOROUS QA department: ensure the best product standards
  • VARIOUS factory and product certifications and achievements
  • 18 COUNTRIES exporting experience
  • 100+ CUSTOMERS worldwide
  • 120+ BRANDS cooperation and marketing support
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Customer Feedbacks:

Serving 18 Countries and 100+ Customers! Happy long-term customers and see why they love JUNPIN so much!

“Ten years of cooperation, Junpin has keep up its enthusiasm and professionality since day one. Great product quality and sales service. Definitely a five star supplier.”  — Mr. Kotecka, customer from UK

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